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Our product is patented and protected by intellectual property protection law.
Manufacturing or sale on the territory of Netherlands without a license agreement is PROHIBITED.

"Sniper-mini" v5.1 - kit = template + body is assembled (without rod for mill forstner)

Order the rod for mill forstner separately!

For positioning on a perforated tabletop: You need purchase Bench Dogs No. 1-M14-ROM (min 2 pcs.) + Clamping screw (min 2 pcs)

Weight: 0.420 кг per item
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Milling operation for a cup of furniture hinge (from any manufacturer!).
Maximum diameter not more than 35 mm

Milling operation for a cup of body strainers fastners :
Hafele Tab 20 HC
Hafele Minifix 12 и Minifix 15
Hafele Minifix 15 Carbogloss
Hafele Rafix 20
Hafele Rafix 20 Tab
Hafele Tab 18
Hafele Rasant-Tab
Hafele Slimfix
Hafele Onefix
Hafele Pushfix
Hettich Rastex 12 и Rastex 15
Hettich VB 35 и VB 35 M
Hettich VB 135
Hettich VB 54
Hettich Everfix
и других моделей.....

Specify the hardware specifications from your supplier.

Order the rod for mill forstner separately!

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